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Payment Options And Directions for AmazonTasker

If you’re worried about how safe or unsafe using AmazonTasker is, as you should be, then this blog is for you. The two payment methods we are currently using are Paypal and Stripe. And the two places where we’ll be using these services are:

1. Buying more bids

This one depends on you and the number of projects you’re able to bag on a monthly basis. We give you fifteen free monthly bids (including the ones you get rejected for). If you need to apply on more projects, then you are going to have to buy more bids.

This is how it will work:
You can either connect your stripe account with AmazonTasker, or you can complete your payment with your PayPal account. Stripe will let you make a direct payment (Master/Visa), while PayPal will need you to log –in to your account. You can pay through VISA/Mastercard, American Express, or directly through your PayPal account.

Remember, the bids you buy have no minimal value. This means that you can use the bids you buy without an expiration date.  And remember, you will still get 15 bids renewed every month.

2. Receiving your payment

Now this one is a no-brainer. You will receive the payment to your connected stripe account directly after you finish the project, or according to the milestones set. To ensure a fraud-proof formula, we will collect the payment from the clients before you start your project.

Sounds simple? It is! We want to try and make your experience as hassle free as possible. Come join the AmazonTasker community now! Write to us, should you have any queries or more questions!

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