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Start by posting a project: It’s always free to post your project. You’ll naturally start to get offers from our freelancers.

Analyze your needs: Alternatively, you can also search our site for talent that’s a good match and can send a direct invitation to the freelancer.

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Set milestones: Set milestones as per budget and release payments according to a schedule of goals you set, or pay only upon completion.

AmazonTasker will only allow you to post bids if they are related to Amazon SEO or segmentation. We want to ensure that your product has a space for your business online and on the e-commerce platform. Any other bids posted will be rejected.

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Complete your profile: Add your details with a professional profile photo. Select your skills and expertise and go through the verification center checklist.
Browse projects: Search projects and respond to client invitations and get alerted when relevant jobs are available.
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Fixed-price projects: For fixed-price jobs, set milestones and funds.
Get granted: Deliver high-quality work and earn the agreed amount.

Remember to check for authenticity before you pass on your payment details. Always rate your employers after your work is done.
Write to us in case you have any emergency or any other query.

-AmazonTasker takes a service fee of 15% from the payment processed.