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How Can Freelancers Make Money On AmazonTasker?

How do you feel about earning supplement or extra amount while working at home? AmazonTasker allows you to do just that. The best part about AmazonTasker is that you can utilize your free time and not only hone your skills, but also build a killer portfolio for yourself while doing it.

First of all, AmazonTasker requires skill based work. This means, that you do not need to have a degree or a ton of experience in your presence to do work with us (however, there might be client specific requirements or preferences you must check). As long as you have the skills you need to get the project done, you’re good to go.
Brownie Points: The more projects you do, the more you’ll increase your goodwill and credibility.

Here are some of the skills that you can choose from:

  • Content Writing
  • Product Research Skills
  • Account Management Skills
  • Graphic/Product Designing
  • Amazon SEO Services
  • EBC services

Secondly, AmazonTasker ensures that you receive timely payment. We require the client to deposit all their money to us before they hire you (a freelancer), and we hold it for them until a project is completed. Once finished, the payment is released within a week, after deducting a service fee of 15%. Sounds good? That’s probably because it is. We want to make sure that your hard-work doesn’t go in vain. And in case you face a glitch, we’re here to help.

Here are some freelancer dos and don’ts for you:

  • Build Your Profile: The first step, and also the most important one, is to be out there. Highlight your skills. What can you do best? Induce employers to visit your profile.
  • Set A Reasonable Bidding Amount: Know that you are not the only one who is bidding for a job (even though you want the employer to think otherwise). Set a bid that works both ways. And once you have established yourself as a freelancer, perhaps you can rise up the ladder.
  • Sample Work: Show, not tell. Even if you don’t have enough experience, including a sample of your work in your bid will increase your chances of being selected. You know what they say, “Let your work do the talking for you.”

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