Step 1: The employer will post the bid. Sign up as an employer and go to My Projects-> Post  A Project. Fill the details related to your project, set your bid amount, and get going.
Step 2: Freelancers will see your project, and apply as is their skills. Choose from different skillsets and begin working. You can also invite the freelancers by browsing through their profiles and filtering through skills, keywords, and location. Invite them to your project.

Step 3: Connect through AmazonTasker messaging service.

Step 4: Share and receive files related to your work.
Step 5: Receive timely payment after your work is finished, or after you finish each milestone.

Signup as Employer account and go to PROJECTS -> Post A Project . Fill all the details related to your project, after that set the budget and provide a brief regarding the project, create the milestones if needed and start submitting the project.

screenshot for post a project

There are no such fees for the job posting. It’s completely free.

Click Projects, and choose project from listed projects.

you can filter the projects by the following:

  • Project Type
  • Skills
  • Keyword
  • Price
  • Location

After submitting the project and by confirming the client, 12% service charge will be deducted, and the remaining amount will be transferred to the freelancer. 

  • Select “My project” and view current projects.
  • Filter your projects, click the drag down option from “All projects.”
  • Find all projects which are under process, unaccepted, disputed, archived, or active.

freelancer accepting projects

Every month you can receive free 15 Bids, if you want to earn more bids then subscribe the plan and gain more and more benefits.

Click “My Project” and can also find the remaining bids out of free bids.

free bids

Every month you can receive free 15 bids, if you want to earn more bids then subscribe to the plan and gain more and more benefits. Purchase the bids from below three plans and obtain bids as per the requirement with no minimal boundaries.

For a freelancer, you need to buy subscription plans once you run out of your free bids. Buy subscription plans as follows:

  1. Normal: $10 per month (30 bids)
  2. Standard: $30 per month (100 bids)
  3. Premium: $50 per month (170 bids)
  • Login into AmazonTasker, if the password is incorrect.
  • Click forgot Password and enter your existent email id.
  • Reset password link will be directly sent to the email id.
  • Reset it and login again with the new password.
enter you mail id

The first step before beginning any process is Setting up Your account. Click on My Profile under your display picture, and fill up all the necessary details. As a freelancer, you can set up your portfolio, set your bid (the average amount you are expecting to earn), add your work experience as well as certification, education and other tabs. Don’t forget to turn on the Available to Hire switch to display an invite me button on your profile.

AmazonTasker will only allow you to post bids if they are related to Amazon SEO or segmentation. Any other bids will be rejected. For detailed list of services,

click here.