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Amazon tasker is a global online marketplace for freelancers with a range of skills and experience. Amazon tasker associates your business to a worldwide network of freelancer specialists who will lead your business to success.

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Post your project. Get quality proposals on your bid in less than 24 hours. Compare bids, reviews, and previous work before finalizing the candidate.

Freelancers can compare costs, portfolios, customer reviews and recommendations before picking out a bid and service you are most excited to work with.

Connect through AmazonTasker messaging service. Share files and documents. Track your project by placing milestones from your desktop and mobile phones.

Payment to the freelancer must be processed after the work is completed. Pay fixed prices and receive timely invoices for the same.

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Every month you can receive free 15 bids, if you want to earn more bids then subscribe the below plan and gain more and more benefits



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